The Ghost of the Mother-in-law

Captain Krammer built his house divided, with his family one one side and his Mother-in-Law on the other. Over the years, we have noticed things moved overnight, glasses turned over with no one there, etc. A professional psychic came to the Mother-in-law House and told us that even though her family was next door; she was lonely. The psychic identified the window where Mother-in-Law would sit, waiting for company to call.

The Painter's Story

Due to a tight schedule, a painter was working through the night to finish painting the dining room. When was he painting the wall under Mother-in-Law's window; he told me he heard someone walking down the stairs. He didn't turn around but just said,'Mother-in-Law, I hope you like the color'.

The Easter Story

Every Easter Sunday, we give colored eggs to our guest. A couple was seated at a table near Mother-in-Law's window. They took their eggs out of the basket like everyone else, but afterward looked a little shaken. When we spoke to them, they asked how we knew their names. We don't put names on the eggs, we die them the day before. Yet, their names were there, on the eggs.

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